Friday, May 29, 2009

What a great day for Harrison

As if the bed wasn't exciting enough yesterday ~ Harrison also received his first bike! Thank you Elmer & Melissa (Mason and Jackson too!). If you ever like anything that Harrison is wearing in these photos chances are it came from the Dulay family. They've given us so much since Harrison was born. We are so thankful that they've been so generous. We truly appreciate everything they've given to us.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

THE bed!

I finally found the fire truck bed for Harrison!! Well, I've found it numerous times but I was always the second one to respond so missed out on a couple of them this past month. If you buy them new they'll set you back anywhere from $150-250. There was no way I was doing that so I've been searching my very favorite website, Craigs List, for a deal. I was willing to spend $75 (while Dave said $100). I know I can sell it on Craigs List when we're done and get our money back. So many of them recently have been 40+ miles from our house and at least $100. BUT this one was only 5 miles from home and $60! When I told her I didn't want her mattress (ick!) she immediately knocked the price down a bit. NICE! Then she discovered that the light doesn't work (blessing in disguise I'd say) and there are some scratches on the bed (comes with the territory of buying used). When I got to her house today I offered her $50 and she said "how about $45?" SOLD! Can you believe that?! So I've cleaned it all off and we're just waiting for Daddy to get home from work so he can put it together for us. Yippee!! Check back soon for photos.

Update: This is our first photo - I just built the bed. But now he doesn't want the mattress in it. He says maybe he'll sleep in it in a few days. Oh my ~ please say this isn't going to turn out like the "I'll use the potty on my 3rd birthday" thing we went through two months ago!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First school picture

This is Harrison's first ever school picture! He's in the 2s class at Lincoln Park Co-op Preschool.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tree climbing

I love these pictures! We took them last weekend while visiting the tulip festival.


Due to our cold winter the tulips bloomed a bit late this year. But we were able to see them last weekend. The weather was great so apparently everyone else decided to do the same thing because it was pretty crowded up there. I love visiting Skagit County. I think La Conner is the best little town. Dave surprised me for my 30th birthday and took me to a great bed and breakfast in La Conner. In fact, we swung by last week to inquire on rates... we're hoping to get away one day soon once we move Harrison into a bed and my mom can come up and watch him. Currently she can't lift him in and out of his crib. And although she's considered putting a chair next to it for him to climb out I said NO. I didn't want to encourage climbing before he actually figured it out for himself. And as far as the bed goes - we still don't have one. I am at the mercy of Craigs List. I can get it for at least half the retail price but I just have to find one. A great one came up last week but I was the second person to contact her! Dang. I'll keep looking and you'll know when we get it. I hope you enjoy our tulip photos and the old broken down car and bus that Harrison enjoyed even more!