Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Where does the time go? We went camping for Dave's birthday (July 23) and I am just now getting around to posting pictures. I've had about a week now of no naps from Harrison. And it's killing me... I usually hop on here during his nap time. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Anyway, we went camping at Dosewallips State Park for 2 nights. This is the same campground where Dave and I went camping for the first time back in 2003. We decided to wait until the last minute when we were inside the window of the 10 day forecast so we had an idea of weather. The we nabbed a spot wherever we could find one available. The last time we camped was two years ago and we booked it 6 months out for the same time, Dave's birthday. It rained the entire time. Good times with a baby crawling through the mud. Lets say we learned our lesson.

We booked spot 94. It said 'view site' so that was exciting. And then we got there. There was a view all right. We were on the river. Really on the river. There was no little beach. It just dropped off into a semi-fast moving river. Now I not only have to keep Harrison from falling into the fire pit, I also have to keep him from falling into the river. He is actually a really good listener so that's not our problem. Our problem was he was really clumsy that week. He had fallen a few times in our yard and scraped up his knee. He was tripping over things that have been there for months. Strange. During our set-up Dave put out a large stick by the river and that was Harrison's 'do not cross' line.

After we got our little two day home all set up and while we were making dinner a ranger stopped at our site. She got out of her truck and asked if we were there the night before. We told her we had just arrived. Then she said "there was a report..." And I wanted to say "didn't you hear us? We just got here... no report about us lady!" And she continued "... of a black bear in the river." Oh great. Now I've got the fire pit, the river AND a bear!!! Oh boy. She said that it hadn't been confirmed yet and that maybe it was just the herd of elk that live in the campground. Oh man - nature at it's best. So of course, both mornings that I woke up I looked and looked and looked up and down the river. Nothing. No bear. No elk. What a bust.

But we did see a snake! Harrison and I were walking around in the woods right next to our site when I spotted it. I told him to come back towards me but didn't tell him why. So he came running and accidentally stepped on the snake. Oops. I guess I should've told him why I wanted him to come back over. And maybe I should've carried him. He scared the snake and it freaked out as did Harrison. He started screaming and crying. (and probably woke up the campground because it was fairly early in the morning)

We had a great time camping. Harrison loved it. He loved sleeping in his new sleeping bag in the tent. We've already booked another trip for the beginning of September. We can't wait - and how nice it will be to not have a river RIGHT next to our camp spot.