Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Headed to warm(er) weather

These last few winters have been rough for me in Washington. So rough that we contemplated moving to warmer weather somewhere... But we really do like it here and we bought this great blue house so we're staying put! We did decide that we need to plan a few trips during fall and winter to warmer places in order to keep our sanity! So.. in November we went to Southern California for what else... Disneyland! It was fun and warmer than home so our trip was a success. Now we're getting ready to head to Sun City, Arizona. We have been very excited about the warm weather and wearing shorts until we heard that it's raining down there. Rain?? I don't need anymore rain! But then today it snowed AGAIN in Seattle and I guess at this point I'll take any warmer weather (even if it is only in the 60s). So Grandma and Grandpa (if you're reading this) we're very excited to head your way. Get ready for some fun!

On a side note - my very close friend, Catrina, will be in Surprise, Arizona while we're down there. It turns out that Surprise and Sun City are pretty close so I am very excited to see her and her family. We've been friends (with a few ups and downs over the years) since the 7th grade. I am happy we've always weathered the storm. Thanks for your friendship Catrina.