Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rewind: August

Open house at the Southwest Precinct. Harrison LOVED the police robot.

Swim class at Colman Pool. It's not often you get an opportunity to swim at an outdoor pool in Seattle so we did two sessions there this summer.

Face in - nice job Harrison!

Touring the USS Green Bay during Fleet Week.

I love when the Blue Angels come to town every summer! This year we skipped the practice show over Lake Washington and instead went to Boeing Field to watch them take off.

And they were really loud when they started their engines.

Mariner game with daddy.

Camping with Henry and his parents on San Juan Island. It was SO beautiful there.

I encountered these two slugs at the campground. What is that white thing between them?

Later they had a friend there and the white thing had changed into two? Was this a menage a trois? Fascinating.

Lime Kiln Point State Park. This is supposed to be the best place to spot Orcas. Guess how many we saw? ZERO. I guess I expected to see a Seaworld type show and it's not that easy.

S'mores face.

Trust me when I say there is a pod of Orcas in this photo! I SWEAR! We were on the ferry back to Seattle when the Captain slowed the ferry down considerably because the whales were spotted. It was my birthday and what a present! It was amazing.

We still have the firetruck bed. Bunkbeds are up next but it's awfully hard to part with such a cool bed.

Harrison's babysitter tired him out at the zoo. She brought him home like this so I offered to give her a few magazines and asked her to just go park somewhere with him so he could sleep. (I'd pay her, of course!) She was busy so instead of waking him we unbuckled his seat and carried it into the house.

Harrison and Owen at Hiawatha Park. We were there to watch Caspar Babypants.

So sleepy

Harrison rarely naps anymore. This is on the way home from Morgan's birthday party today and he was wiped out. But notice that he doesn't let go of his gun while he sleeps.