Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What we didn't buy today

We visited Dave at work today but before heading over there we had to stop off at Ross to return something I bought recently. I always let Harrison play with something to keep him occupied so I can look around. He started off with a toy truck that also had a water tower in the box (the box that was now open - by my kid, I think... I was too busy shopping to totally notice). Then we found more toys and there was a Barbie cash register. He loves a cash register. He scans everything. So he dumped the truck and started toting around the pink register. When we hit the home area they had these decorative trucks, motorcycles, fire engines... do you see where I am going with this? Yep, he dumped the pink Barbie cash register and moved onto the decorative (get it? not a toy) fire truck. He loved it. He pushed it up every aisle until we hit the front of the store and had to say good-bye. At least we took pictures. (and please notice his smile; he usually yells at me when I take his picture and runs away but not today, not with the fire truck).

Monday, April 27, 2009

The time has come

Harrison turned three a month ago and he's still in a crib. We love that he's in a crib and believe it or not, so does he! In fact, we still have the bumper on the crib. That's the thing they tell you to take off when the baby can pull himself up to standing. In our case it serves to keep the nummies in. (but that's another blog post - STILL using pacifiers!!)

Harrison has a few friends that can climb in and out of their own cribs but he has never tried... that is, until last week. During 'naptime' I caught him sitting on the top rail twice. On Friday we put him down and he was playing for a minute and then crying so I went in and he was hanging from the outside of the crib. I think he probably climbed to the top again and slipped down. So I guess it's finally time to get a bed. Ugh. We already have one in mind. It's this really cute fire truck bed (that uses his crib mattress) so it's transitional. He can get in and out but it's still not a big bed that he'll roll right out of. Plus I think the timing is right for this bed because he announced during dinner last night that he is going to be a firefighter (sorry Dad, no police officer from this house)when he grows up. We play firefighter all day long. The poor firefighters shopping at Safeway today were followed around by a sweet 3 year old boy asking them where the emergency was and telling them he was going to be a firefighter too. I guess it's time but look for future posts of him not staying in his bed at bedtime and us pulling our hair out. (hopefully not!)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Will he ever be underwear boy?

Before Harrison's big third birthday he promised us that after the big day he'd begin using the toilet. This was completely unprompted. He had this idea himself. Pretty exciting, huh? So the day came and went and nothing. He refuses to use it. I wouldn't push him if I didn't think he was ready but he clearly knows when he has to go to the bathroom. He loves to be naked and he'll run around for a long time but when he has to pee he asks for his diaper to be put on. What?? He went pee in the toilet once... back in November! So at his three year check-up this week his pediatrician said to put all potty things away and stop talking about it for a month. Then try again. By then it should be warmer (remember, we live in Seattle..) and we can just let him go without a diaper or put on underwear and see what happens (outside - no pee on my new carpet please!) It will be pretty exciting when he does lose the diapers though - look how cute he is in underwear!