Thursday, March 25, 2010

Raffle tickets ~ $5 each ~ CASH PRIZE!

For those of you that have asked how you can help support Harrison's preschool here's your chance! We're selling raffle tickets for $5 each. The amount you’ll win is half of the raffle ticket sales. So the more you buy, the bigger the prize. We'll be choosing the winning ticket at our annual auction on Thursday, May 6.
If you're interested let me know. If you'd like to write a check please make it out to LPCP. Thanks!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can't believe our vacation was over a month ago now. Here is the first installment of vacation photos. We had the best time! The weather couldn't have been better. We went to Legoland twice, the beach 3 times, Downtown Disney once. We saw friends and family. It was great!
A Lego 'dog' going pee on a Lego 'fire hydrant.'

The ride home from Legoland.

It's official ~ update (photo added)

Many of you have been asking and I just realized I hadn't made the official announcement yet but yes, Harrison is finally underwear boy!

You may remember a year ago when Harrison announced that he would use the potty on his 3rd birthday.

Well, that never happened. Finally, I pushed him in November or December. I stopped threatening to not buy diapers anymore and really followed through. (thanks Jen!) I told him he had to wear pull-ups (I know, they're basically diapers but at least he wasn't laying down and being diapered like a baby anymore) or underwear. He would wear pull-ups or nothing. He has so many cool pairs of undies but he wouldn't wear them. One day right before Christmas Dave asked him to wear underwear and he did. From that day forward he has only worn underwear and is a potty champ! He doesn't even wear pull-ups at night! Just today he woke us at 4:48 am because he had to go pee! It's awesome. (except for the early morning wake-up)

Here he is... officially "underwear boy"!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

First delivery

We had our first delivery from New Roots Organics on Thursday. It is pretty yummy. Harrison was SUPER excited to find the tote of food on the front porch too!